Recommended Reading for Empowering Children

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Lewis recommends that children across the world read Just Be Yourself.  He says it’s a fun little story that will help your children find peace with themself.

Colorful and lively Lewis says your kids are really going to love it.

Order yours now by contacting the author of this blog.


ORDER NOW…you’ll be glad you did!


Basic Universal Law for Parents & Kids

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Personal growth, empowerment, peacefulness, self-love, an attitude of gratitude and pure joyfullness.  These are the integral pieces of our true inner selves, it is who we are meant to be.

Just Be Yourself

Have you wanted to teach your kids a new way of thinking? 

Have you been trying to empower them but do not know how?

Do you find it hard to help them understand how their choices create their reality?

If so, then this is a place for you to visit OFTEN. 

I am author and mixed media illustrator Tamra Veilleux.  It is my goal to introduce children to basic Universal Law through children’s books.  I want to help our children begin to understand very early in their lives that they do control their own outcome.

Books and other products I design are  meant to encourage personal growth at a deep level through basic understanding of how the Universe works.

Through stories like Just Be Yourself children learn that they are enough to just be who they are.  Tall, short, glasses, perfect vision, hearing impaired, living in the South, living in the East, it doesn’t matter what the circumstance, you are always ENOUGH.

Forthcoming stories involve paying it forward (OR, what goes around comes around).

And …

The Adventures of Molly Kite.  Wait until your kids meet Molly Kite and her brother Banjo.  Oh, the adventures they share and the things Molly Kite learns about the world. 

Join me in this adventure of personal growth, bring the kids, pull up a chair and enJOY!

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